project 02intangible

date. 2018

description. Our world is made up of tangible and intangible experiences that shape who we are. The people we meet, the information we read, the conversations we hear. Our interactions with the world shape our very core. However, the world's projections onto us does not how the power to determine our inner truths. We are much more than our external. We have a pulse, a conscience, sentiment, and much more that makes us a dynamic living organism.

That being said, my thesis explores our external, our internal, and the tension between the two. They do not fuse together, but work in relation to each another. I want to go beyond our teachings and ignore what we’re taught about how the external should marry the internal. Human beings are much more complex than that. I will be incorporating human forms and abstract art to allude to the reality that there is much more to who we are than what is seen.

*(URC) Undergraduate Research Convention 2018

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