Marigold Extract

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    Marigold Extract
    Lutein is one kind of mixed carotenoid including zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin. It is natural colorant, pigment, and antioxidant with stable, safe and reliable effect.
    Marigold Extract
    Lutein is one kind of mixed carotenoid including zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin. It is natural colorant, pigment, and antioxidant with stable, safe and reliable effect.

    Physical and Chemical Index




    Orange Yellow


    Powder/micro capsule/Oil Suspension




    100% pass 80 mesh

    Heavy metal

    <10.00ppm max.

    Lead (Pb)

    <2.00ppm max.


    ≤1.00ppm max.


    <1.00ppm max.


    ≤0.10ppm max

    Loss on drying


    Total Plate

    ≤1000 CFU/g

    Yeast & Mold

    ≤100 CFU/g


    Applications of Marigold Extract 

    Lutein from marigold Asteraceae Tagetes plants raised in a pigment widely used in food additives, also used as a medicinal pigment. Lutein is a widely found in vegetables, flowers, fruits and other plants in the natural material, living in "Class carrot category of" family matter, now known to exist in nature, more than 600 types of carotenoids, only about 20 species exist in the person's blood and tissues.


    Eyes Protection

    A major component of retinal pigment: lutein and zeaxanthin constitutes a major component of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plant pigments, as well as the human eye macular area main pigment. The human eye contains high levels of lutein, this element can not be manufactured by the body and must be supplemented by the intake of lutein, if the lack of such elements, the eyes will be blind; protect the eyes from light damage, slow aging and prevent diseases of the eye: the sun's ultraviolet radiation and blue light entering the eye will produce a lot of free radicals, leading to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. General cornea and lens UV filter can, but they can penetrate the eye directly to Blu-ray and macular retina, macular lutein is able to filter out blue light, blue light to avoid damage to the eyes. Fat outer macular are particularly vulnerable to oxidative damage of sunlight, so this area prone to degradation;



    Calendula ointments(Marigold) are recommended for the treatment of damaged skin. They stimulate granulation, enhance the formation of cell tissue, accelerate wound healing, have an anti-inflammatory and pain killing effect. Calendula is used to cure decubitus, burns, eczema, bee stings, swelling and inflammation. Calendula preparations are also traditionally used to treat inflammation of the veins, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, the positive therapeutic effects being proven by several medical studies. Calendula cream is used to treat sensitive, dry and chapped skin. The cream improves the resistance against environmental chemicals or mechanical irritations, restores the hydration equilibrium, has an anti-ageing effect, helps to repair cellular damages and creates a smooth and beautiful surface. Furthermore Calendula is applied for the preparation of tonic face lotions, sun-creams, aftershave products and lipsticks. The positive properties are also used in soaps, hair shampoos and bath additives for dry skin. Last but not least, Calendula extracts can be used in mouth care products and tooth pastes. The Calendula CO2-extract is thus an excellent tool to formulate a wide range of active high grade cosmetics.



    Calendula extract toothpaste has also be recommended as an adjunctive procedure effective for the improvement of gingival inflammation. Brushing with calendula toothpaste led to significant reductions in plaque index, gingival index and bleeding on probing in a prospective, double-blind clinical study of 40 volunteers with established gingivitis (Amoian 2010).In a double-blind placebo controlled trial, a marigold therapy using a Tagetes patula preparation, plus a protective dressing, effectively reduced the width of the lesion and level of pain of Gunions (Khan 1996).


    Anti-inflammatory activity 

    The Calendula flower CO2-extract also has a relatively high concentration of phytosterols. Sterols are not only essential for skin structure formation but they are also precursors of hormones with a number of positive effects. They stabilise cell membranes and prevent dehydration. The skin evitalises naturally and becomes soft and smooth. Phytosterols stimulate the collagen synthesis and thus help to protect the skin against harmful environmental stress.


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